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Mika Mcavoy


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Aromatherapy -

is a stimulating body massage using essential oils.

it is good for :

* stress & tension

* depression & anxiety

* Insomnia

* muscular aches,

pain stiffness

* headaches

Reflexology -

is a stimulating complimentary therapy that helps alleviate many ailments.

it is good for :

* stress & tension

* depression & anxiety

* hormonal conditions

( PMT, Menopause, pregnancy)

* Sciatica

* migraine & headaches

* Sinuses

* Arthritis

* Constipation

* Panic attack

* Irritable bowl Syndrome

* Digestive disorders

* Sleeping Problems

Indian Head Massage -

is a head, neck and shoulder massage that helps to promote relaxation.

it is good for

* eye strain

* tension

* depression

* stress

* headaches & migraine

* muscular pain & fatigue

Sports Massage

is a means of correcting abnormalities through soft tissue manipulation.

it is good for :

* reducing scar tissue around injury site.

* encouraging healing from an injury site.

* and is preventative.

Regular massage can keep your muscles in good condition and reduce the risk of muscle injury.

Back & Neck massage

is a theraputic massage focused on the back, neck and shoulders

it is good for :

* lower back pain

* and neck pain

Body Massage

* is a comprehensive body treatment aimed to relieve muscle tension and stiffness.

Regular treatments will promote suppleness, wellbeing and overall positivity.


is a stimulating, alternative massage using a healing device developed in Japan.

it is good for :

* back ache

* muscular pain and fatigue

* tension