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    Thanet Massage

    Mika McAvoy




    Before I met Mika, I had terrible pain in my neck, upper and lower back. It was sometimes so bad that I couldn't get up from the bed. After my first massage with Mika I felt so relaxed that I slept for three hours. When I woke up I still felt deeply relaxed and hardly noticed my aches and pains. Since then Mika has given me a regular weekly massage which keeps me going and keeps my aches and pains at bay. This year for the first year in over a decade I actually felt strong enough to go on holiday. Thanks to Mika I had the best summer ever. My family and I had a beach holiday and I went for a swim with my six year son for the first time ever. I cannot thank Mika enough she really does have Magic Hands.

    - Forever grateful



    I have been receiving Reflexology from Mika for the last 6 years. I have severe arthritis and Reflexology has helped me to cope with the pain and has given me more energy. My husband, Derek, has also been receiving Reflexology from Mika for the last 2 years. He suffers from Dementia. Reflexology stimulates him and I have noticed that following his Reflexology sessions he is always calm and lucid. He really appreciates Mikas foot massages.

    - Jackie

    Before having Aromatherapy - I had very bad neck and Back Pain.But since I have been receiving treatment my ailments are a lot better. I have had treatment for a few years and it relaxes me and through the oil getting into my blood stream. I have never had a cold or flu like symptoms. Just a great feeling of well being .


    Mika is a lovely, warm hearted person and really cares for her clients-this shows in her therapies and she has helped ease my tension through massage .

    Thank you Mika for all your hard work and care !   



    I came to Mika with an extremely bloated stomach, swollen ankles and legs
    and tiredness.

    Mika suggested I tried an intensive course of reflexology. I would highly
    recommend this treatment in combination with an assessment with a

    My stomach is decreasing in size and feeling more comfortable than it has
    been for years. The fluid in my legs, ankles and feet has drained away do I
    can now wear regular boots instead of having to buy those for wider calves!

    Mika is warm and personable and makes her clients feel totally at ease. I am
    so happy with the results. The detoxification process is quite tough but
    worth the patience and effort.

    I believe that Mika is extremely talented and I have total faith in her
    skills and ethos. She is passionate about holistic therapy and nutrition and
    goes above and beyond for the welfare and comfort of her clients.


    Case Studies 

    Treating a client with cancer   7months 2011  

    Mark has prostate Cancer. He is 84 years old. Having Reflexology helped him to cope with it during 10 sessions of Chemotherapy. He was very depressed when I met him, he became more cheerful and positive as I tried to listen to him and talk with him. We had a lot of laughs together. I believe that making cancer clients laugh is very important. This year he has already had 2 holidays.

    Treating a client with mental illness   3 months 2011

    Alison has Bipolar disorder. She was very depressed, suffering from anxiety and can`t go out by herself. After 4 sessions she gradually began to feel more positive and started cleaning and decorating her dining room and kitchen. 

    Treating a client with chronic migraine   2 months 2012 

    Tom had been having bad migraines for 18 months. He would wake up 2 a.m. due to his headaches and could not go back to sleep. I gave him 20 mins of Indian Head Massage and 40mins of Reflexology for two months. This is allowed him to sleep more, plus he felt more energetic and enthusiastic. He decided to go back university from September.  

    Treating a client with IBS   2 weeks 2012 

    Abbie was suffering from very bad IBS. Her tummy was bloated and (in her own words) she appeared to be 6 months pregnant. She was suffering from lack of sleep as she had to get up to use the toilet at least 5 times a night. She had bad water retention her legs. A remarkable case study from China treated 50 IBS patients. They were given 20 mins of Reflexology twice day for two weeks. Following the course of treatment 62% of them felt fully relieved from the symptoms of IBS. Treatment also worked very well for Abbie. She immediately started feeling less bloated, the swelling in her legs reduced, she was able to sleep all night undisturbed, she dropped down one dress size and stopped feeling discomfort after using the toilet. She is now planning her Wedding.