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CS60 Massage

CS60 Device

What is CS60?

CS60 refers to C=Cell, S=Smoothing, 60=60 trillion cells in the body - the act of smoothing over the 60 trillion cells in the body with this innovative massage device! Each device is individually custom-made for each practitioner from healing copper and aluminium.

CS60 was developed in Japan by Founder Mitsuhisa Nishimura in 2008. It is an established alternative massage therapy and has grown steadily in popularity in Japan; however, it is less well known in other parts of the world. As soon as I experienced CS60 on a trip to Japan back in 2022, I knew I wanted to bring it back to the UK so my clients could experience it themselves. I completed my diploma training in January 2024 and am delighted to be the sole practitioner offering this therapy in the UK.

What makes CS60 different?

CS60 is different from other massages that rely on heat, touch, oils or for you to get undressed. You remain fully clothed while the copper and aluminium massage ball is tapped and rubbed over your body in a series of light and vigorous movements.

How does it feel?

People say they feel a very pleasant tingly and uplifting sensation over the body, which creates a sense of lightness and relaxation that lasts for an extended period.

Read what some of my clients say about the treatment:

I've suffered with arthritis in my knee for many years and suffer varying degrees of pain daily. After trying this therapy I've noticed a reduction in the pain and discomfort. Spencer

My left leg is much better and the aching has gone. The pain in my right leg is still there where you worked on it, but I'd like to have the treatment again and to work on my neck rotation. Andrew

I've had several CS60 treatments for various aches and pains on my hand, back, stomach, and lower limbs. Previously I've only had complementary treatments like hot stone massage and aromatherapy and I was intrigued to know how CS60 would feel. The sensation is quite different from being worked on with the hands or stones; the whole experience feels quite tingly and uplifting and I quite liked the fact that I didn’t need to get undressed. For some of my symptoms, like the pain in my hand, the pain resolved completely after one treatment and for more chronic aches and pains I felt an immediate lightening or easing of symptoms after one treatment and a general sense of wellbeing which stayed for a much longer time than other types of massages I've had in the past. I know from experience that Mika has a very intuitive and holistic approach to working on the body which makes her special as a practitioner. Alex

I suffer with COPD and the CS60 treatment has really helped reduce my wheezing. It's helped with small things like being able to do the hoovering and walking up the stairs. Now I am even going back to the gym to start weight lifting again! Elke

Is it suitable for me?

CS60 is suitable for those experiencing back ache, muscular pain and fatigue, tension and much much more.

What does it cost?

Full body £50 (1 hr) / £30 (30 mins)

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CS60 Device
See CS60's Founder, Mitsuhisa Nishimura, using his massage treatment around the world in these videos: